In addition to our fantastic speaker sessions we are also offering in-depth workshops with some of the sharpest minds in the industry.

Wolf Pack Programming hands-on workshop

With Jason Ayers and Julian Fitzell

Ever wondered what a really extreme version of Continuous Integration would be like?

Continuous Integration is now a very popular mechanism for reducing the challenges of integration hell and delivering software faster and with a higher quality. However, it still has an integration loop: It may have been reduced from weeks to hours, but is still there. What if that integration loop could be removed completely? What would it be like to work on a single always-integrated code base?

Using a dynamic language environment, it is possible to create an environment where we are no longer limited by the number of people who can comfortably fit around a single workstation; suddenly an entire team of programmers can work together on the same live code base. In this hands-on workshop, we will borrow from the hunting strategies of wolves to take Continuous Integration to its inevitable conclusion. Also see how pair programming can be taken even further.

To facilitate the exercise, we will use a web-based development environment, which enables multiple people to jointly develop in a live running system. The product, however, is merely an enabling tool; the focus of the workshop is not on the technology but rather on the benefits and challenges of the process itself. With all team members able to update the code simultaneously, integration is constant and the deployability status can be determined in real time. Will this make Continuous Integration Servers look slow, or will it lead to disaster? To evaluate the effectiveness of this approach, we will ask our wolf packs to complete a series of tasks following the process.

See what a really dynamic language can do!

Note: Participants should bring a laptop. The only software requirement is a copy of Firefox or a willingness to install it.

About Jason Ayers

With 20 years working with Smalltalk and Agile techniques, Jason currently looks after the Smalltalk business in Europe and Africa for Cincom.

About Julian Fitzell

Best known as one of the creators and current maintainers of the Seaside web framework, Julian has recently joined Cincom as a consultant, where he is kept busy working with customers and feeding the wolves.

Erlang introductory workshop

With Adam Lindberg

In this session you'll become familiar with the basic syntax of Erlang, learn how to write programs and experience the central concepts of the language: functional programming, concurrency, fault tolerance and distribution. You will get familiar with the Erlang shell and basic Erlang programs, try concurrent programming by using message passing and get a taste of Erlang distribution.

Note: Participants should have previous programming experience and bring a laptop with Erlang installed.

Adam has a degree in Computer Science and works as a technical consultant for Erlang Solutions. For the past few years he has worked at Ericsson AB in Stockholm as a team Leader where he leads a team of eight, working developing a domain specific language to handle telephonic traffic manipulation.