Conference schedule

Please be advised that the schedule is subject to change.

  Day one Day two
9:00–9:40 Anders Bond
The Making of Spotify For Android
Johan Burell
Accellerated 2D graphics
9:40–10:20 Hugo Josefson
Easy Black-box testing with Robotium for Android
Henning Böger
The Froyo opportunity: Android for the Enterprise
10:20–10:50 BREAK
10:50–11:30 Brian Leroux
Jan Lenhardt
11:30–12:10 Peter Kirn
Mattias Björnheden
Android Security Concepts
12:10–13:00 LUNCH
13:00–13:40 Ludvig Linge
Operator customizing of Android phones
Ocean Observations
The designer's perspective on customizing Android
13:40–14:20 Ólafur Helgason
Opportunistic networking with Android
Erik Hellman
The Android Platform from a Manufacturer Perspective
14:20–14:50 BREAK
14:50–15:30 Martin Roth
Programming Audio for Android – An Introduction to Music Programming Languages for Android via RjDj
Joe McCann & David Wood
Android as a platform
15:30–16:10 Mikael Kindborg
Dynamic Languages on Android
16:10 WRAPUP
17:00—20:00 DINNER